I never like starting my day with bad news.  However, that’s exactly what happened this morning.  Like millions of other viewers, I woke up to news of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.  As if there isn’t already enough evil doings in this world, this tradegy had to be added on top.
I’m heartbroken for all those affected and especially for those families who lost a loved one.  My heart truly goes out the town of Aurora as they try to come together and give each other strength, comfort and support.   One of the questions this shooting raises is why do fans feel the need to imitate art?  Be it a movie, a book, music, or whatever, what convinces a person to take something fictional and bring it to life?
The gunman was convinced that he was The Joker.  I guess in his mind, he was hoping that Batman would show up and they could have a throw down.  However, like The Joker, Batman is a fictional character.  So, he didn’t show up to save the day and because of that people lost their lives and dozens more got injured.
I can’t help but wonder how the actors, directors and everybody who has worked on the Batman series from the being feels?  Do they feel guilty?  Responsible?  As I writer this is a scary to think that there are fans out there who are so impressionable that they can’t distinguish make believe from reality.  It makes it harder for us to express ourselves knowing someone out there could be using the basis/plot of our own art to cause harms to others.
All we can do is pray.  Pray for the victims and their loved ones.  Pray for the shooter and his loved ones.  Pray those out there who can’t distinguish fiction from non-fiction and that something like this doesn’t happen again. 
As you go to bed tonight hug your family a little tighter!

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